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Welcome to Louvre Dental Laboratory, where you can expect exceptional restorations and the highest level of customer service. Our team prioritizes the success of your practice and the happiness of your patient. To save you time, we have streamlined our case submission process. Now, sending your traditional or digital case only takes a few minutes. Follow the steps below to get started.

Choose Your Preferred Type of Case

Send a Traditional Case

We have created a simple, step-by-step process that allows you to quickly send your traditional case to our lab. Everything you need has been provided in the steps ahead, including Rx forms, shipping labels, and local pickup requests.

Send a Digital Case

As a firm supporter of digital advancement in the dental industry, Louvre Dental Laboratory accepts files from all major intraoral scanners. Sending a digital file is simple, precise, and instant! Click below to view our digital protocols and add our lab to your scanner.

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Rx form

Our team is happy to provide a printable Rx form for all your cases. Download and include a completed form with your traditional case.

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Determine Your Delivery Method

At Louvre, we want to ensure doing business with our lab is as easy and convenient as possible. We provide free local pickup and delivery to all of our local doctors. Provide us with your Zip Code below to see if you fall within that zone. If you are not a local doctor, we also provide free UPS shipping labels to ensure your case gets to our California-based laboratory right away.

Delivery Method

You Are Finished!

We hope you found this process convenient and simple. For future cases, we have placed all the necessary resources in the menu under Send a Case. We invite you to print our Rx forms, shipping labels, and schedule a local pickup anytime you send a case.