Screw-Retained Crown

Louvre’s screw-retained crowns ensure success for every implant surgery. They completely eliminate the leading cause of implant failure, which is excess cement left below the margin during oral surgery. This innovative implant solution uses a screw to attach the crown to the abutment, which ensures that wet cement is never present in the operatory. Screw-Retained Crowns are also easily retrievable, which makes maintenance exceptionally simply. Fabricated by our team of experts, these crowns provide high esthetics and durability.

A Screw-Retained Crown for Every Case

We created our three product lines to fulfill our mission of being a dental laboratory that is accessible for a wide variety of dentists. Our Screw-Retained Crowns are only available in the Classic Series.

The Classic Series

Our Classic Screw-Retained Crowns are expertly milled by our technicians in our California-based dental laboratory. These crowns are available in full cast, PFM, CAD Ti UCLA, CAD Zr UCLA, and Procera Angulated Screw Channel Zirconia UCLA crown.