Prettau® Type Bridge

The Prettau® Bridge from Louvre Dental Laboratory is a superior alternative to acrylic full-arch bridges. This highly durable bridge is fabricated out of highly translucent zirconia, which can withstand significant pressure. It is non-porous, chip-, fracture-, and wear-resistant. The zirconia bridge forms a support structure that protects the underlying implants from movement and stress. In addition to protecting the implants, the Prettau® bridge is also gentle on opposing dentition. Due to zirconia’s high flexural strength and durability, this bridge requires little to no repairs and maintenance, even after years of wear. Your patients will appreciate the lifelike bite and smile this restoration provides.


  • Lifelike Esthetics and Function
  • Protects Implants and Opposing Dentition
  • Chip-, Fracture-, and Wear-Resistant
  • Requires Little Repair and Maintenance