The Louvre team is dedicated to providing the absolute best to all our clients, which is why we are excited to offer the innovative All-on-4® treatment from Nobel Biocare®. This treatment utilizes only four Nobel Biocare® implants to support an immediately loaded full-arch prosthesis. The use of only four implants is successful due to the use of two straight anterior implants and two posterior implants that are angled up to 45°. AO4® ensures a stable result through a procedure that is less invasive than alternatives that use more than four implants. The tilted posterior implants optimize the patient’s available bone, allowing AO4® to be a graftless solution.


  • Uses as Few as Four Implants
  • Graftless
  • Immediately Loaded
  • Less Invasive than Alternatives
  • Highly Stable Result

Available AO4® Solutions

At Louvre, we want to ensure that every need is met by our restorations. Our team is happy to provide a wide variety of All-on-4® solutions, including the following:

  • All-on-Four Complete
  • All-On-Four with Additional Implant
  • NobelGuide Complete
  • Overdenture
  • Hybrid Temporary
  • Biocad Hader Bar
  • Nobel Biocad with Additional Unit
  • Nobel Procera Bar
  • Panthera Double Structure
  • Procera Zirconia Implant Bridge with Additional Unit