IPS e.max®

IPS e.max is a lithium disilicate glass-ceramic, which provides one of the highest esthetics results of any all-ceramic restoration. It is an ideal option for a variety of cases because it is highly customizable and minimally invasive. It is available as a full-contour monolithic restoration or a cut-back and layered restoration. This innovative material is kind to opposing dentition and 2.5 to 3 times stronger than alternatives. Boasting a 500 MPa along with lifelike esthetics it is both reliable and beautiful. When patients desire a restoration that will go above and beyond in terms of esthetics and longevity, choose IPS e.max.

An IPS e.max restoration for Every Case

We created our three product lines to fulfill our mission of being a dental laboratory that is accessible for a wide variety of dentists. Whether you are in need of an economically priced crown or high-end cosmetic restoration, Louvre Dental Laboratory has the IPS e.max solution for you.

The Vignette Series

A Vignette IPS e.max restoration receives lifelike stain and glaze, and is designed via our value design library. Vignette Series is a milled anatomical wax-up giving you an economical option that will please your patients.

The Classic Series

Our Classic IPS e.max has increased esthetics with a cut back and porcelain layer technique. This series is available in a 360 degree cut back and layer technique or a micro-layered technique with monolithic lingual and facial and interproximal reduction. Due to the versatility of this material you can always prescribe with confidence.

The Masterpiece Series

Discover the benefit of unparalleled esthetics when you choose our Masterpiece IPS e.max restorations. To ensure we provide optimal esthetics, we utilize a multi-layered porcelain technique. All of our Masterpiece IPS e.max restorations are fabricated by one of our Master Dental Technicians.

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