Feldspathic Veneers

The technicians at Louvre Dental have the experience necessary to craft highly esthetic veneers that will fit every patient’s cosmetic needs and desires. Our veneers are excellent cosmetic solutions in cases of chipped, discolored, or gapped teeth. Attached to the surface of preexisting dentition, veneers are a less intrusive solution than crowns or braces. Expertly fabricated out of feldspathic porcelain, our veneers offer lifelike esthetics and exceptional durability.

Veneers for Every Case

We created our three product lines to fulfill our mission of being a dental laboratory that is accessible for a wide variety of dentists. Whether you are in need of an economically priced veneer or high-end cosmetic solution, Louvre Dental Laboratory has the veneer restoration for you. Due to the skill required to fabricate exceptional veneers, this product is only available in our Classic and Masterpiece Series.

The Classic Series

Our Classic veneers are fully layered with porcelain by an expert technician to ensure beautiful esthetics.

The Masterpiece Series

Our Masterpiece veneers provide the highest level of quality and esthetics. This high-end cosmetic solution is indistinguishable from natural dentition. You can be confident in the esthetics you will receive because every Masterpiece veneer is carefully crafted by one of our Master Dental Technicians.

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